5 Easy Ways To Prevent Weeds From Leading Sydney Lawn And Turf Specialists

sydney lawn and turf

GreenEdge Turf and Garden Care are your Sydney lawn and turf specialists and we’ll talk to you about why it’s important to take steps to prevent weeds from turning your garden into a nightmare. Weeds can cause major problems for growing healthy grass and plants. The best way to prevent this from happening is by following the five easy steps listed in this article.

Weed prevention for a healthy lawn and turf
sydney lawn and turf

Keep these 5 tips in mind to ensure that your healthy and thriving lawn and turf stays the way you intended it.

1. Choose high-quality turf varieties and follow proper management practices to maximise grass health.

The grass is a living thing. Like trees and shrubs, it needs proper care to thrive. Lawn and turf varieties should be selected for the intended use based on their growth habits.

This means that you should avoid using grass that is not adapted to local conditions.

2. Use mulch to prevent weeds from growing in gardens.

Mulch is a protective layer of organic material that you can spread over the soil. The thickness of the mulch layer depends on the weed type, but 1-2 inches may be enough to suppress weed growth.

Mulch should be applied before weeds emerge from the ground. This will keep them dormant in their early stages and less susceptible to control. Some examples of good mulch materials include shredded leaves, compost, sawdust, and bark chips.

3. Apply pre-emergent weed control products before weeds germinate and grow. 

Pre-emergent herbicides are the most efficient way to stop weeds from becoming an issue in your lawn or gardens, they prevent the weed seeds from germinating, pre-emergent herbicides should be applied twice/year in late summer to prevent winter weeds and again in early spring to prevent summer weeds. Pre-emergent herbicides are watered into the soil profile to create a barrier for emerging weeds.

These products are non-scheduled, so are safe for people and pets, and they can be used in lawns and gardens and have no effect on the plants currently there.

When there is an infestation of weeds present in your lawn, then post-emergent herbicides should be used, selecting the right herbicide for your lawn and the target weed is crucial, remember the seeds in these weeds will still be there, so a pre-emergent program is still needed after spraying the weeds.

Post-emergent range in chemical safety and some should only be applied by qualified operators.

When you start a new lawn and turf, or when there is an infestation of weeds in your existing lawn, weed control products should be applied immediately. These chemicals will prevent the emergence of troublesome weed species before they can make headway.

It is best to wait for 6 months after the new turf is installed, this is 2 different situations that would need different approaches.

The best time to apply these chemicals is very early in the spring. Applying these products in the summer will be too late for optimum weed control.

4. Keep your grass short so that it can absorb more sunlight, which discourages weed growth.

When you keep your grass cut short, it will grow better and be less susceptible to weed infestation. This is because the shorter grass has more access to sunlight and nutrients.

Taller grass plants have lower photosynthetic rates, meaning that they cannot absorb as much light as the shorter ones can. Therefore, taller grasses are not only more susceptible to weed infestation, they cannot grow as well.

5. Maintain your lawn and turf regularly: Remove dead grass and weeds, replace mulch when necessary.

Taking care of a beautiful lawn starts with maintaining it properly.

This means removing excess thatch (dead grass) and weedy areas from the turf surface as soon as they appear. It also means replacing your mulch in gardens and topdressing when the appearance of your lawn starts to suffer, such as in high-traffic areas.

Final thoughts on easy ways to prevent weeds
sydney lawn and turf

In conclusion, as the leading Sydney lawn and turf specialists, at GreenEdge Turf and Garden Care, we recommend that you focus on preventing weeds in your lawn and turf, rather than trying to eradicate them later on.  Using pre-emergent herbicides is not only more cost-effective but also a safer option.

Using the tips we’ve provided above will not only help keep your lawn or turf weed-free but also promote healthy grass growth.