5 Ways To Keep Your Lawn Looking Pristine

With the weather starting to get warmer, your garden will likely be springing back into life after a cold Winter. What better time than now to get back out into your garden and give it some TLC? 

If you’re wondering how to get your lawn looking pristine and perfect again, here’s five ways to do just that. Let’s get to it! 

Give your lawn a good rake and clear any debris 

First things first, give your lawn a good rake to clear any debris from overhanging trees or shrubs. If your lawnmower doesn’t have a bag to collect clippings, make sure you’ve raked up any cut grass too. This allows your lawn to breathe and grow more freely. 

It’s also important to pull out any weeds, thatch or moss. This can prevent vital nutrients from reaching your grass. Be sure to pull out any weeds from the root when removing them. 

Reseed the bald patches

Have you got a few bald patches in your lawn? There’s nothing worse, especially if your lawn is healthy otherwise. Sort out any bare patches of turf by reseeding in the springtime. 

To do this, you’ll need to loosen the soil (around two to four inches) and then level it out with the back of a rake. Spread the grass seed evenly, mixing with compost or extra soil if needed. Then give it a good water and watch your new grass grow! 

Feed your lawn 

Lawns need a good feed at least twice a year, in both Spring and Autumn. The best way to keep your lawn looking pristine is to make sure it’s nourished well with a high-quality fertiliser. 

It’s important to keep your lawn well hydrated too, to prevent it from going brown and drying out. Water your lawn with a sprinkler when the sun is going down, as this will help your lawn to absorb the nutrients. If you water your lawn in the middle of the day, the water will evaporate too quickly. 

Mow your lawn (but not too short) 

It’s important to mow your lawn regularly but never take more than a third off the top. Mowing your lawn too low may be detrimental and weaken your grass. A good rule of thumb is to keep it at around five centimetres high. 

Sharpen your lawn mower blades 

Another way to keep your lawn looking pristine is to make sure you’re using a lawn mower with blades that are nice and sharp. You wouldn’t use a blunt knife in the kitchen, so why would you use blunt tools on your lawn? 

Sharpening your lawn mower blades can be tricky however, which is why we always recommend consulting a professional to get your blades sharpened. This should be done twice a year, just like  getting your car serviced. 

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