How to take care of your lawn throughout all four seasons, part 2

Wondering how to keep your lawn looking green and healthy during all four seasons? If you’re looking for seasonal lawn care tips for Australian lawns, you’re in the right place. 

In this article (part two of two), we’ll cover how to keep your lawn looking healthy during the cooler seasons of Autumn and Winter! 

Seasonal Lawn Care Tips for Autumn 

Just like Spring, Autumn is another season where your lawn will keep you busy. It’s important to prepare your lawn for Winter, so that it survives the cold months. 

Here are some seasonal lawn care tips for Autumn:

  • Keep your grass cut short. With the Summer heat gone, you can afford to keep your grass cut shorter, using a lower setting on your mower. Just be mindful of weed growth though, because shorter grass does promote weeds, especially if your lawn suffered a scorching during Summer.  
  • Aerate in mid-autumn. Most folks use their lawns a lot more often in Summer, resulting in soil compaction as Autumn begins. Therefore, we recommend aerating your lawn in mid-autumn. What’s aerating? Glad you asked. It’s a process where you loosen the soil to improve water absorption, nutrient absorption, as well as airflow.  
  • Overseeding. With all the Summer foot traffic your lawn can become uneven and patchy in Autumn, so overseeding before Winter is a good idea. This gives your seeds time to sprout and build strong roots so that your grass makes it through the Winter. 
  • Feed your lawn. An Autumn lawn fertiliser will help your lawn deal with frosty conditions. Now’s the time to feed your lawn with a fertiliser that is low in nitrogen but high in potassium and phosphates. 

Seasonal lawn care tips for Winter

Now that Winter is upon us, let’s go over some tips to ensure that your lawn survives the colder months. 

Seasonal lawn care tips for Winter: 

  • Mow your lawn occasionally. There’s no need to mow your lawn too often during Winter, so only mow if it looks like it really needs it. And remember, don’t mow if there’s frost on your grass! 
  • Water sparingly. Your lawn will need far less watering than it does in the warmer months, so only water your lawn if it really needs it, and only in the morning. 
  • Keep on top of the weeds. Hopefully, you won’t be bothered too much by weeds in the Winter time, however it’s still important to be vigilant with your weed control and pull any offenders out as soon as they appear.  

Now that you know seasonal lawn care tips for Autumn and Winter, check out Part One of this article to learn how to take care of your lawn in Spring and Summer! 

Need help taking care of your lawn this Autumn or Winter? 

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