Lawn Supply And Install – What You Need to Know About Laying Instant Turf

awn supply and install

Lawn supply and install | Laying turf is a lot of work, and it can be hard to know how to do it right.

Installing new lawns is not as difficult as you might think. All you need are some basic tools, the right materials, and a little bit of time. If you’re looking for an easy way to get your yard ready for summer – this article will show you everything that needs to be done to lay instant turf.

The best way to install instant turf is by following the steps below. Read on to find out more.

1) Clear out any debris from the area where the grass will go down

lawn supply and install

Start by clearing out any debris or weeds that might be in the area where you want to lay your instant turf. This will make it easier for you when installing, and also help keep dirt from accumulating on top of the new grass as well. Furthermore, it will help you avoid any potential problems with the lawn in the future.

When clearing out debris, be careful to not disturb any of the landscaping around the area.

A lawn edger is a great tool to use for this step and can help you make your new grass go farther by trimming away hedges or flower beds that might be in the way. Laying turf on top of plants could potentially cause them harm.

2) Spread a generous amount of fertiliser on the area to be covered

lawn supply and install

Once the ground has been covered with either weed barrier cloth or landscape fabric, it’s time to start spreading your fertiliser.

It is best to use a lawn spreader for this step – they will help you distribute the fertiliser evenly and without any trouble.

The exact amount of fertiliser needed depends on several factors like soil type, lighting conditions, weather patterns, etc., but typically around ¼ cup should be enough per square foot. Fertilisers that contain both nitrogen and potassium are recommended as these two nutrients provide excellent results when blended.

Laying turf without applying fertiliser could have some serious consequences in the future; not only does it need water more often than grass planted with fertiliser, but weeds may also become an issue if left untreated.

3) Cut your turf to size and lay it down with the backing facing up.

lawn supply and install

Laying the edges of the turf in a running bond pattern will make for easy installation.

Cut the turf to size and lay it down with the backing facing up. Laying the edges of your turf in a running bond pattern will help make installation easier, especially if you’re using more than one panel. It’s important to do this step last so that when installing, any seams between panels won’t be visible to passersby at all.


Laying turf isn’t all about just putting it down in one spot and calling it good – other steps must be taken to ensure that your new lawn will grow properly.

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