Need a Professional to Take Care of Garden Maintenance in St Ives?

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Gardens are often a source of pride and joy for homeowners, but they can also become a burden when it comes to upkeep. Some garden maintenance tasks can be done by homeowners themselves, but others should be left in the hands of professionals. Whether your hedge needs to be trimmed or shaped up or you’re looking for any type of garden maintenance St Ives, our expert gardeners will take care of it quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about another job on top of everything else.

1. General Maintenance of the garden

It is important to keep your garden healthy and looking great. You can do this by regularly doing a few basic tasks, like trimming overgrown plants, weeding, fertilising the soil with compost or manure once in a while, and watering.

A well-maintained garden is a beautiful sight to behold. Achieving such a feat can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the knowledge or time to maintain it.

2. Planting and care of plants

Plants are a beautiful addition to any home, and with the right care, they can thrive for years.

When planting your new plants, it is important to make sure you plant them in soil that has proper drainage so that water doesn’t collect at the roots of the plant.

If there isn’t enough air around the roots, this will stunt growth and cause unhealthy foliage. It’s also important to avoid overwatering your plants as too much moisture can lead to root rot or mould on top of leaves, eventually killing off your plant.

Be sure not to fertilise more often than necessary either. Over-fertilising leads to weak plants with yellowed leaves because these types of nutrients provide too much food all at once.

3. Pruning and shaping trees, shrubs, hedges

If you’ve ever had to trim a tree, shape your hedges, or prune bushes and shrubs, it can be an intimidating undertaking. You have to know how to identify the type of plant you’re working with and what tools and techniques are best for shaping them.

One of the biggest misconceptions about gardening is that it’s all about planting and watering.

The truth is, a garden relies on two things: maintenance and design. And without proper care, gardens can quickly become unkempt or even hazardous to those who walk through them.

That’s why having the right garden maintenance in St Ives is crucial.

Getting the right professionals for garden maintenance in St Ives

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If you’re considering garden maintenance in St Ives, then know that at GreenEdge Turf and Garden Care, we are professional gardeners that can provide the services you need. We are experts in all aspects of garden maintenance, providing care and ensuring that with our services your garden looks and feels amazing while being safe for you to use.

GreenEdge Turf and Garden Care can take care of everything from the outside appearance of your property with pruning or edging, general garden maintenance, or anything that requires a skilled hand.

You don’t need to spend hours maintaining an unruly garden each week – leave it up to GreenEdge Turf and Garden Care instead.