Turf Laying in Sydney – The Ultimate Guide For Preparation And Installation to Transform Your Yard

turf laying sydney

A good lawn includes every aspect of your garden and still offers a perfect environment for fun and relaxation. Our step-by-step guide below contains expert tips and advice on turf laying in Sydney to give your yard a lush treat.

Turf laying is one of the simplest ways to create a new lawn. That’s because turf rolls consist of a top layer of ground pre-sown with grass. This pre-grown grass seed is cut from the ground with a layer of topsoil. It nearly looks like an outdoor grassy carpet. Consider turf laying to fix patches in your existing lawn. Alternatively, you can make a fresh lawn entirely from scratch.

Laying out the turf is a straightforward job since the grass comes laid in rolls. This makes it easy to handle. Just unroll it and wait for it to settle in. Besides, it can be laid virtually any time of the year. However, you must make sure the soil is not frozen or waterlogged. That’s why spring and early autumn are the best times.

Here is an informative guide on  how to successfully lay turf:

Plan your new lawn

turf laying sydney

Plan in advance the shape and size of the lawn you want to create. This will help you determine how much topsoil and turf you’ll need. You’ll also establish whether it’s necessary to get a skip for removing your old turf.

Tools Required

You’ll only need a handful of tools when turf laying which include:

  • Rake
  • Fork or spade
  • Wheelbarrow
  • A few scaffolding planks
  • Garden hose with a sprinkler
  • Old hand saw or long knife

You may also need a weed killer or turf cutter to replace an existing lawn.

Ground Preparation

Adequate ground preparation is vital for establishing and future performance of your new lawn. The poorly prepared ground will never yield desirable results.

Therefore, you’ll want to dedicate more time and effort to this stage.

  • Use a spade to remove your existing turf by cutting beneath it. Alternatively, you could hire a turf cutter from the nearest tool hire.
  • Then, thoroughly turn the soil over 15 cm deep with a powered cultivator or spade.
  • Get rid of any old turf, weeds, stones, and other debris.


Level the ground before laying the turf. Ensure the surface is firm and not compacted.

  • Rake the ground into a smooth, flat surface.
  • Gently stamp over the surface to expose soft patches that you can rake level. Repeat this process until the whole area is level and firm.

Ordering Turf

Your fallow lawn should now be ready for turf laying.

  • Accurately measure your planned lawn area in square meters.
  • Pick a type of turf that matches the needs of your garden before placing your order.
  • It’s imperative to lay the grass as soon as possible once it gets delivered, often within 24 hours. So, order your turf for same-day delivery or a day to your planned turf laying.
  • Keep your turf delivery in the shade, especially in hot weather, if you cannot lay it immediately. Also, take any film wrapping away from the pallet.

Turf Laying

After you finish all of the hard work to make the ground ready, you can now lay your new turf. Walk on scaffolding planks or boards when laying so you don’t step directly on the fresh lawn.

Some turf suppliers will give you a pre-turfing fertiliser to give the turf a great start. Sprinkle it on your prepared area, following the imprinted manufacturer’s advice.

  • First, lay a strip of turf along the perimeter of your lawn. Don’t lay small pieces towards the edges. They can easily dry out and perish. Verify that the turf underside is in full contact with the soil underneath.
  • Unroll the next strip around the longest straight stretch. Keep working across your lawn strip after strip to produce a brickwork pattern. Press adjoining ends and edges against each other without stretching your turf.
  • Use a spade or sharp knife to cut off excess turf to achieve a clean edge.


Your newly laid turf will need watering to set in and get off to the best start. The frequency and amount of watering vary by season with most water required during summer.

  • Water immediately you lay the turf with a sprinkler or hose pipe.
  • Water to a deep soak every evening for a week or two.
  • Water instantly and abundantly the moment you notice turf drying out.


A healthy lawn must feed properly.

  • Use a balanced fertiliser with the same levels of Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium every four to six weeks when the turf is growing.
  • Adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended quantity, timing, mode of application.


The first mow will vary by the time of the year you lay your turf. Usually, you should start mowing the lawn in about two weeks after laying.

Final Remarks

turf laying sydney

Laying out the turf is a simple task. However, you’ll have stunning results by spending more time measuring your lawn accurately, preparing the ground, and following our guidance. Alternatively, you can avoid the hassle by letting us do all of the hard work. For the best turf laying in Sydney, choose GreenEdge Turf, your premier lawn laying, and care company.

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