How to Make the Most Of a Small Garden Space

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Having a small gardening space doesn’t mean you have to settle for less.

Here’s how you can use your small space to grow the maximum amount of plants and still enjoy their bounty all season long.

Target Your Vegetable Selection
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Your small garden area will allow you to grow only limited amounts of produce, so choose those vegetables that give a lot of bang for their buck.

That means vegetables such as carrots, radishes, tomatoes, and lettuce are better choices than cucumbers, peppers, or eggplants – they might not taste any better and take up more room than necessary in smaller gardens (and if you crave spicy foods, consider using hot peppers instead).

Even sweet potatoes are better options than shallots or garlic since tubers need even more space to develop properly than bulbs do.

Concentrate Your Plantings
Gardening Lane Cove

Even though you won’t have the ground space for a wide variety of plants, that doesn’t mean you can never have fresh herbs or exotic greens again. Just keep in mind that these smaller gardens are meant to grow leafy green vegetables and more compact varieties of established favourites such as tomatoes (dwarf tomato varieties take up less room), peppers, eggplants, and beans.

By selecting only those crops that will thrive in your area, you’ll not only avoid purchasing seeds or seedlings that won’t grow, but you’ll also be able to harvest more regularly since your plants will mature in a shorter amount of time.

Rethink Your Irrigation

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One side effect of having a smaller-size garden is that it’s difficult for the water supply to keep up with all the thirsty plants. So don’t waste precious moisture by over-watering; instead, allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings (so long as it doesn’t get too hot and begin to wilt).

Furthermore, think about grouping your plants with different watering needs together so they can share the available resources: Tall crops such as corn should go in one area where they won’t shade other herbs or greens that need more direct sunlight.

If you’re dealing with a particularly small garden area, it may be worth investing in an above-ground watering system that will deliver water to your plants with minimal effort or waste.

Learn from This Season

Once you’ve settled into your smaller space, use what you learned this year to help make next year even more productive. Make notes about which crops did well and which didn’t survive the summer so you’ll know better how to prepare for future plantings (perhaps using larger containers than last time) – but remember that gardening is as much of an art form as it is a science, so don’t allow yourself to get too obsessive over the details.

For now, just enjoy the fact that you have easy access to fresh herbs and greens all season long.

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