Lawn Care Northern Beaches – Tips For a Healthy Lawn That Will Make Your Neighbours Go Green with Envy!

lawn care northern beaches

Lawns help in carbon dioxide absorption, giving your home and its surroundings plenty of oxygen. They also prevent soil erosion and reduce the occurrence of dust and debris in and around your home or office.

However, they need careful maintenance to help them maintain their beauty and functionality.

Here, we break down how you or professional landscapers offering lawn care Northern Beaches services take care of your turf so you can continue enjoying its benefits.

Top Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Lawn Looking Spotless

lawn care northern beaches
lawn care northern beaches

Feed Your Grass

To help your lawn thrive, you need to feed it with the proper nutrients to grow.

Providing your grass with fertilisers rich in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous ensures healthy root, stem, and blade growth in the initial growth phase and beyond. However, ensure that you do not overfeed your grass with too many nutrients or too often, as you may end up harming the grass.

Remove Weeds

Weeds are unattractive, and once you spot one, we guarantee you’ll see more.

The thought of getting rid of weeds can be daunting, but the longer you leave them unattended, the thicker they will grow and the more effort and time you will use to clear them. The type of weeds you have will determine the treatment.

Keep weeds to a minimum by:

  • Killing the weeds with chemical weed killer during the spring lawn preparation and planting season
  • Seeding your lawn and aerating if necessary in the autumn.
  • Mowing and fertilizing your lawn before winter.
  • Applying pre-emergent and handpicking lingering weeds.
  • Mowing your lawn in spring and summer, ensuring that you only remove a third of the grass.

Prevent Moss

If you see moss in your lawn, it is a possible effect of:

  • Lawn soil with a less than ideal pH
  • Not enough nutrients in the soil
  • Poor drainage
  • Too much shade around your grass

For you to be able to get rid of the moss permanently, you need to identify the actual cause. Our experienced lawn professionals can help you get to the root cause of the problem and prescribe the proper treatment.

Improve Drainage

Improper or lack of drainage can wreak havoc on your lawn as it limits oxygen from getting to the roots, creating the ideal home for fungus, which can kill the roots.

You can improve your soil drainage by:

  • Slitting or pricking your lawn surface.
  • Growing more plants that can withstand wet conditions.
  • Using bark chippings to absorb a lot of moisture.
  • Adding natural matter like farm compost or shredded leaves to allow especially clay soils to drain excess water quickly. This action increases plant growth and beneficial biological activity.

Aerate Your Lawn

When there is a lot of thatch buildup, your lawn can’t breathe properly.

Lawn aeration is a process where you create small openings or core in the turf and underlying soil structure to allow water and air down into the roots.

Aeration is necessary on heavily compacted soil, which occurs on lawns with a lot of foot traffic. Ideally, you should carry out lawn aeration once a year, especially if you have clay soils.

Water the Right Way

The best way to water your lawn is infrequently, deeply, and early in the morning.

For instance, watering your lawn for 30-40 minutes every Saturday, Monday, and Thursday is better than watering your lawn daily.

This technique allows water to soak into the soil, promoting deep, drought-resistant root systems.

Recurrent Lawn Issues and How to Treat Them

Lawn Care Northern Beaches -
Lawn Care Northern Beaches


Dandelions are beautiful flowers loved by bees.

As pretty as they are, you do not want a bee to sting you or any family member when you are relaxing on your beautiful lawn. Also, the dandelions grow year after year and, and if you let them grow in your yard, you will have a weak grass lawn.


  • Use a herbicide
  • Use a weed fork or a dandelion digger to weed out the perennial roots

Insects and White Grubs

White grubs are caused by armyworms digging up your grassed lawn. Armyworms come from the moth who lays the eggs and the worms spread across the lawn like a line of troops. The fares turn the grass yellow, which eventually kills your yard.


  • Apply the correct insecticide in early spring for 6 months of protection.

Mould and Other Fungal Diseases

You can avoid and treat mould and other fungal diseases by taking proper care of your lawn. Ensure that you do not water your lawn too early in the day, remove only one-third of the grass height during each mowing session, and don’t over-or under-fertilise. Other practical solutions for avoiding mould and fungal disease include:

  • Dethatch and remove dead grass regularly
  • Ensure proper soil drainage
  • Mow your lawn every one to two weeks

Pet Urine

Dog and cat urine causes your lawn to go brown due to the high amount of nitrogen and other salts.


  • Train your pets not to urinate on the lawn.
  • If they do accidentally urinate on the grass, water the spot immediately to avoid the urine settling.

Where to Find a Professional for Lawn Care in Northern Beaches

Lawns are beautiful and relaxing spaces, but they need tender love and care to keep them looking spotless. When done correctly, the reward is not only an extra space for you and your family but also an oxygen-rich space that encourages biodiversity and pushes up your property’s value.

If you need professional lawn care services in Northern Beaches GreenEdge Turf can help. We can help you to create and maintain your lawn, giving you that essential pre-summer head-start to get your outdoor space ready for fun in the warmer months.

Contact us now or call 0478 790 855 for a consultation or to help you set up a 12-month lawn care plan.